Renewal 2016 into 2017

This past year I have been working on bettering myself, learning my new career and exploring new places and foods. I hope next year is just as amazing and full of adventures. This year I had a hard time getting through things because I missed my daughter every step of the way. Being able to see her and spend time with her kept my heart beating and my smile glowing. I love my daughter so much and it is hard to be away from her but I cannot be selfish to what she needs and her happiness. I know she is happy and each year in school and in self growth she develops more and more into a more fascinating young lady. I am so proud of her and her many accomplishments! She is my world and my heart!

This year Lisa and I attended our first Otakon in Baltimore, Maryland. I also went to Awesome Con in Washington, DC for the first time and it was fun. Next year Awesome Con will be something Lisa and I do together instead of Comic Con and she is so excited! We hope to dress up as superheroes and be awesome at Awesome Con!

Here are some photos of what we have done this year:





Career Change

From October-December 2015 I started my new journey by going to school to become an Amtrak Conductor. As an Assistant Conductor our responsibilities are only part of the long list of responsibilities the conductors have. Many people believe Conductors are the person that operates the train in the locomotive, but that’s actually the Engineer. Conductors are the trainmen that work inside the train, making sure everyone is being safe and smart. Training to become a train conductor was not easy. While in school I was not myself. I had to deal with being in an atmosphere that I had never been in before. It was intense and full of knowledge. Graduation couldn’t have come fast enough for me in Delaware. I made it through and now I’m in an amazing career!

Baltimore Comic Con 2015

In September 2015 Lisa and I went to the Baltimore Comic Con for the first time. It was fun and exciting. Lisa dressed as Hermione Granger and I was Ginny Weasley /Bellatrix Lastrange from Harry Potter. BCC was just like the New York Comic Con just not as big and not as many people. Lisa had a blast. She insisted on going although she had surgery on both tendons. Here are some of our favorite characters there.DSC01208DSC01196




The 30th Year

Every year on August 18th, I turn another year older. This year I turn 30 and although everyone says I’m young and have my whole life ahead of me, I can’t help but preview the past. Every year I try to do something new, outside of the norm and adventurous. There are also the traditional events such as Comic Con in New York City and Easter with my family in New Jersey.  Speaking of New York City, I’m still in love and in awe of the view of New York. It can be on ground level or up high from a building, the view still takes my breath away. It never gets old for me. 30 years and I have accomplished very little, in 2004 I graduated High School, in 2008 I finished my contract with the Marine Corps, in 2014 I graduated college, so what now? At 30 I feel I should already have a career, a home, a car and a happy life for me and my daughter. I feel incomplete and unhappy. When I was in the Corps I loved being instructor staff, this year during camp I was as happy as a clam. I slept from 10pm to 6am, got the girls ready with the help of the other counsellors, we all went to exercise, eat, enjoy a day full of activities, eat, more activities, dinner, one last activity with the entire camp then off to bed. It was a positive and healthy change from the overnight shift I did 40 hours or more a week. If only I could make a career out of camp week. Well let’s see what the next 30 years will bring for this hardworking Leo.

NJNG Youth Camp 2015

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In 1996 I was a camper in the New Jersey National Guard Youth Camp for the first time. Three years later I was a “Purple Person” (aka Foxtrot). Three years after that and I was a Junior Counselor. Then I became a Marine. I visited camp when I could but my orders had me away for a while. Then I came back and was a Senior Counselor for three years. I had to miss more years because my daughter, Lisa, wasn’t old enough to attend as a camper. Finally this year Lisa started as a camper and I returned as a Senior Counselor! It was well worth it! I saw some familiar faces and I had the pleasure of meeting some new ones. 

The experience throughout the years at camp changes but the joy of being there never fades! 

This year I was the Senior Counselor for Bravo Company! Those 27 children, 5 Junior Counselors and 4 Senior Counselors became my family and in the words of Mr. Cole, “my children” for the entire week. They made me laugh, smile, cry and motivated! I’m proud of every single one of them. I’m also proud of my daughter, she was well behaved and enjoyed her first year. She already wants to go back.

More photos and writing to come…

“January, February, March & April…”

For months now I have fallen “behind” on my postings here on my site. Life usually gets in the way for many but I don’t consider life as something that is in the way. Life is life, it isn’t going to change, improve or go anywhere if we don’t take the steps in the direction of positive change and choices.

Currently I’m going through a divorce, a move and a hard time with getting myself back on my feet. I continue to start my day with a smile and optimistic personality because it is not going to improve or help me to become depressed, negative or constantly unhappy. There are times that I have a “slow” day, however; those days aren’t going to define me.

I guess what is really on my mind is the world I didn’t realize I was living in. The words that come out of peoples’ mouths no longer shock me. Here’s what happened: One day (June 2014) my ex-husband suddenly asked me for a divorce, he tried to explain to me that I didn’t do anything wrong, that it wasn’t me, I’m a wonderful woman and wife and he loves me. He said he just wanted to be alone and didn’t want to hold me back. For 6 months I tried to reconcile, “fix” and suggest ways to make it work but it didn’t. I even suggested all forms of counseling, he continued to stay on the path he decided alone. I moved out, started the divorce process with him and am ready to move on with my life. It’s been 10 months. When people ask me the ridiculous questions or make even more ridiculous comments I do my best to answer it without an attitude or ignore them completely. Here’s what I’ve heard and how I feel about it.

Person A: “I’m sorry to hear that, divorce is not fun…. why did you want a divorce?”                                           Me: What makes you think it was my choice? Why do you assume I wanted this?

Person B: “Oh no..which one of you cheated?”                                                                                                          Me: Why do you assume one of us cheated? I don’t know if he cheated but infidelity isn’t always the reason for divorce.

Person C: “Don’t you want to fix it? Stay married?”                                                                                                 Me: (Exaggerated) Noooooo, not at all, I wanted this to happen to me, it’s a wonderful experience! DUH!! I can’t control what he does, how he feels and I can’t force him to stay married to me. Not all broken things have a glue to fix it.

Person D & E: “Now that you’re single, you and I can go out!” “Want to be my friend with benefits?”             Me: WOW! You don’t know me at all! No I will not go out with you or be your friend with benefits. I’m just getting over someone, he wasn’t my friend with benefits, my boyfriend or fiance, he was my HUSBAND, someone who I vowed to dedicate my life to. I’m sorry, not sorry, that I don’t want to jump into bed or a relationship with someone else. Get over yourself.

Person F: “What did you do to make him ask for a divorce?”                                                                                                   Me: Oh, that’s right, I forgot it’s my fault. I worked, graduated college, cooked, cleaned, organized our home, shopped for groceries, shopped for necessities, bought birthday/Christmas/holiday gifts and necessities for both of our families, I canceled plans or didn’t make plans with my friends so he didn’t come home to an empty home, I put him before myself, I changed and canceled plans so him and I can do things together, I was readily available for him 24/7 intimately, and that’s just the half of the things I did “to him.” I can see now what I did to make him want a divorce.

Person G: “Just get over him, don’t worry about him and move on with your own life.”                                       Me: Oh, is my time of pain and healing not fast enough for you?

Those are just a few examples, and of course a few of them would say this is me being bitter. I’m not bitter, but I’m sure if the person calling me bitter went through anything negative or painful in their lives, they will be the first person to be negative, depressed and very bitter. I’m simply expressing myself in a healthy and opinionated manner.

I’ve finally reached a point in my life where I am happy. How did this happen? I accepted the inevitable and created a new plan for my future. One that involves a change of scenary for my home and my job/career. I am doing what I want to do to create a better life for my daughter and myself. That has always been priority number one but I lost sight of that when I remarried. Now that I’m divorced, I can get back on track and give my daughter what she deserves and what I deserve, a life for her and myself that involves more time spent together and more of my involvement. This will also open new doors for this blog and my websites. I hope you all continue with me on this journey known as my life.


The Book of YOUR Life

This is an INVITATION:

If you received (or want to receive) a booklet from me, then I want you to help me with my new idea!

So many people have passed on or will pass on without leaving their story behind for their family, child(ren), friends, future generations and others to read, learn from and remember them by. Future generations and people in the present can learn from your accomplishments, story, and message.

This booklet is a blank because I want you to fill it out. (Digital copies will be available soon).

Here’s how it works:

I send you the book, and you fill it out as soon as possible; but take your time so all information is clear and as accurate as possible. I do ask that as soon as you receive it, you read and review it.

Then you mail it, hand it or email it to me to put it together and make it part of my website, http://www.SplendorOfAmusement.NYC, and I send, hand or email you, your copy of the book to store for, or give to your child(ren), family, friends, etc. You can make copies and always update it personally or through me (Digital copies are easier to update and save paper).

There will be a form to sign (electronic signatures available) to make it easy for me to publish your book on my site.

If you don’t want to be published on my site but want to have your book/story created, that’s fine too.

This opportunity is free for you to use.

I hope you will help me with my idea and leave something behind because your past, present and future do(es) matter!


O. E. N.


Comic Con 2014

This year tickets to Comic Con sold out within the first hour…. after the system crashed, 3-day, 4-day, Friday and Saturday tickets were sold out on day one. So I bought a Thursday Ticket and Sunday ticket. I missed so much on Friday, and Saturday but I still enjoyed myself.

On Thursday I went alone and met my friends there, then I left to pick up my sister and took her there. On Sunday I took Lisa and her friend, Za. (Lisa’s voice over link: There were so many Cosplayers and people there. It was great. I even got to spend time with my God-Sons. Here is our experiences in photographs:

10245370_970917032924751_8149827509623391679_n 1455869_970922922924162_6238748008411791306_n 1521537_970923639590757_5490532760698280777_n1415454_970916779591443_8221500632442086449_o 1559260_970916052924849_953590580150343971_o 1620535_970923829590738_4489354923942086676_n 1621804_970922752924179_8474835243619851383_n 1658444_970916352924819_6131957603323868809_o 1779273_970124883003966_6220128990337719933_n 1798258_968763179806803_4628497194142844136_n 1801354_970916939591427_2631527855799186349_o 1896852_970125989670522_6409839295574227352_n 1900018_970923572924097_3720692336579614149_n 1901128_970923952924059_6467506431317307763_n 1922005_970923552924099_7840293090054928384_n 1932421_968766209806500_4893401832947957379_n 10153776_970922749590846_7873945742068981265_n  10301529_968763306473457_3501200319731655481_n 10304695_970923172924137_7395530296168777282_n 10304970_970923129590808_3970544185232953123_n 10349195_970917122924742_5340448937638394914_n 10370357_968766149806506_7601304753016288634_n 10382649_968766193139835_556453577266739602_n 10387605_970922849590836_5792733725658390132_n 10405547_968766223139832_4805220389034990105_n 10409637_970924046257383_530898691919867111_n 10451737_970917002924754_1127164398046263958_n 10468489_970917022924752_389162426062846477_o 10470167_970916399591481_5744090618478005793_o 10501816_970923772924077_5476979707418817715_n 10501989_968760299807091_6274062068399642899_n 10502039_970923149590806_6687300937061401453_n 10516621_968763159806805_7164398186806260502_n 10550198_970916106258177_7645693196252368535_o 10551727_970916036258184_5176190091532559999_o 10575124_970923806257407_5051755167126142032_o 10599585_968760313140423_2670841184501588025_n 10604511_970916946258093_3817175266108028213_o 10626865_970923989590722_7461030346928352895_n 10628647_970915876258200_6974683676998001740_o 10629505_970916792924775_4363293512167376264_o 10641141_968763286473459_9203292983839055317_n 10641202_970922939590827_3151757130491370491_n 10649565_970923992924055_2461069140956533141_n 10655317_970916612924793_4307236953920404727_o 10658754_970916859591435_3529959785668094410_o 10659327_968763233140131_1994510150729671082_n 10660237_970917082924746_8921117302527302423_n 10661884_970916272924827_8284489325809405389_o 10665159_970923372924117_6827636342677935787_n 10669328_970916249591496_5981502478476415412_o 10672335_967294183287036_6565946868885298604_n 10679843_970915962924858_2609498431066893608_o 10683503_970915886258199_4114076669831266272_o 10683639_970916756258112_4488299329423286424_o 10687955_970916319591489_6084423207217276354_o 10688401_970916659591455_1822474419890956951_o 10700755_970916666258121_2274532557113960768_o 10703851_970917042924750_5738620116974652194_n 10710443_970916259591495_479275477301610878_o 10712930_970125959670525_2124703771061509070_n 10714176_970916839591437_3253700503278038252_o 10714563_970916046258183_8235310737809925356_o 10731043_970922949590826_7114481645023726646_n 10734249_970922842924170_5404978891818104902_nNick